March Madness!!

I'm a freelance artist. This means I work for MAC and Benefit and possibly other companies (call me!) when they need staff. I also work for myself at the shop in Brooklyn and for shoots, events, etc.
As I entered March, I didn't really have any jobs booked. Besides Cat Eyes and Cocktails, I had no events and also, I was unsure of the turnout. Looking back, I am so blessed and thankful that I've had such a successful month. March was great. I know April will be better!!  Brief look at part of March! Amazing times!

Good Word| Fight

It took me years not to resent the fight. Sometimes, it becomes tiring but in the end, we come into this world fighting and we fight to stay in it. Once the fight is gone, so are we.

Good Words| War

When  saw this quote, it resonated so deeply with me. We spend many of our waking moments at war with who we are: our choices, what we have become and it's exhausting! How are we at war? If you're on a diet, start craving something not sanctioned by that diet. I dare you!

Even with myself, the decision to go rogue and to be a makeup artist on my own has plagued my mind for the past few months. It's a hard and lonely road to walk down and frankly, I'm afraid. The moment something doesn't pan out the way I thought it would, I start brow-beating myself.

One can not survive like this.
Quiet your mind and accept...whatever it is. When you fight you, you're bound to lose.

Good Words|Forward

One reason why our eyes are in the front of our bodies is because we need to see where we are going. Always reflect and see how you can improve yourself but don't stay in that place of regret. Reassess and keep it moving in the positive direction.

Music| Black Coffee

I have the pleasure of working with some truly interesting people. One day, a coworker and I were comparing musical notes and she mentioned Black Coffee. Of course, not wanting to be 1-upped, I played along like I loved "them" and immediately went home and looked them up.

Black Coffee is actually Nkosinathi Maphumulo, a DJ from South Africa. He's been making music for over 10 years and is now gaining some more traction in the Western world. He's dope. Check out this mix.

Learn more about him on Wikipedia.
Buy his music: here
Stalk him on FB here.