#BanditBooks| How to be Single by Liz Tuccillo

I admit, the title grabbed me and so did the fact that it's a novel and not exactly a self-help book also helped too. Liz Tuccillo co-wrote He's Just Not That Into You, so she knows a bit about the plot of the single woman. How to Be Single is a fiction surrounding book publicist turned writer, Julie Jensen and features her single friends, newly divorced Georgia whose husband left her for a Brazilian whore (her words, not mine), Alice who quit her law career to pursue a man, Ruby who is timid and depressed and Serena who is actually a serene yogi chef. Each woman faces her own struggles in finding a man but they all have one thing in common and that is their single status. Julie gets the bright idea that women worldwide also share this same plight and she knows that she and her friends aren't handling it quite well so she wants to see how other women do it. Thus, she travels to Paris, Rome, Sydney, China, Bali, India and Iceland to get some answers.

This book is kind of like Eat, Pray, Love without the completely happy ending. Being single in the city is not a new topic, however, I did love reading how other women handled being dumped or how they did the dumping. I understood where a lot of the characters were coming from even though they are older than me. I get their plight because let's face it, being single sucks...no matter where you are.

It was definitely a page turner that I had to finish. 4 lipsticks!!